Boca Sombrero – The Accommodations

Here at Boca Sombrero we offer a wide range of accommodation options, starting with our most luxurious and spacious beach front villa with private pool, to our rustic thatch roof tent platforms. We welcome groups and individuals with many different needs and budgets. All of our accommodations have been designed to blend in with the natural surroundings by using traditional, local building techniques and materials.

Casa Playa Sombrero

A big and luxurious structure with a beautiful pool

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Casa Rio Sombrero

A warm and welcoming two-bedroom house

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Casa Troya

The newest of our three houses at Boca Sombrero with unique architecture and artistic flair.

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Tent cabins

Charming, wood and bamboo structures

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Boca Sombrero Surf & Yoga
Playa Sombrero
Puerto Jimenez
Costa Rica C.A.

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