Group Retreats

Boca Sombrero specializes in hosting group events. With accommodations ranging from spacious beach front villas to more modestly priced thatched roof tent platforms, there’s something for everyone. Our Casa Grande provides a comfortable, intimate space to gather for meals. Food is served on a beautifully designed buffet table made from locally harvested hardwoods. A long table runs through the center of the space providing family style dining. Meal times often transition into fun, social gatherings with games, singing, drumming, or whatever it is your group enjoys.

Yoga and surfing retreats have been the tradition at Boca Sombrero, but the property is capable of hosting a variety of different retreats. Our open air deck space can be used to practice Pilates, dance, martial arts, workshops, etc… The possibilities are endless. The excellent staff at Boca Sombrero are remarkably accommodating and can help with any details or arrangements needed for your group retreat.

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