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Boca Sombrero is an exclusive ocean front paradise embedded into the amazing rainforest setting of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

Osa Peninsula

The pristine rainforests and rugged natural beauty of the Osa Peninsula make this region among the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica. Declared ‘one of the most biologically intense places on earth’ by National Geographic Magazine, the Osa Peninsula has, along with Drake Bay, become the premier eco-tourism destination in the country. The Osa Peninsula is a secluded nature wonderland, playing home to many of the country’s rare and endangered animal and bird species, including squirrel monkeys, jaguars, and other forest cats. With a large chunk of the peninsula forming the Corcovado National Park, this area has the single largest expanse of a lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and is one of the tallest rainforests in the world. The area hosts more than 375 bird species, a fourth of Costa Rica’s tree species and more than 4000-5000 vascular plant species, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. The rain forest is made up of 700 tree species — the greatest diversity of tree species in all of Central America.

Golfo Dulce

Nestled between the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica’s south Pacific Coast is the Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf), a large bay ringed by rivers, secluded beaches, and the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. The Golfo Dulce is one of only three tropical fjords in the entire world. Its marine environment is very special and very fragile. The mangroves within the gulf are a crucial nursery for corvina, shrimp and other marine life. Due to the many rivers that flow into the Gulf from the surrounding Rain Forest, the water in the Gulf is rich with minerals and provides a healthy food source for many marine animals and mammals. December to May is prime time to view Humpback and Blue Whales breeching. These majestic animals visit the Gulf to give birth to their young. They live there for many months while the calves grow large enough to take to the open sea. There are three species of porpoise that live and breed year-round in the Gulf, including the Spinner, Bottle-Nose and the Black-Spotted Dolphins. You can see these fantastic creatures daily along the rivers playing, swimming, and fishing.

Other possible sightings in the Gulf may include, manta rays, 6 different species of turtles, large schools of tuna, and an occasional billfish, such as marlin or sailfish, looking for those schools of tuna for their dinner. The Golfo Dulce is an incredibly scenic and environmentally important aspect of this area and a must-see during your visit.


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